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Welcome to Foley’s Russian Bees

Foley's Russian Bees is a Des Moines, Iowa based producer of Primorsky Russian bees and beekeeping equipment. We specialize in Russian mated queens and Russian nucleus hives. Our queens can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., but nucs cannot be sent through the mail. We also deal in the transporting of “package bees” for honey producers and organizations.

A little more about us:

We are not a registered member of the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association (RHBA). However, we are taking steps to increase our operational size to be accepted into it. Our lines are all derived from the RHBA members, and our breeding stock is cycled yearly to keep the lines up to the finest quality. Each of our drone colonies are stocked with queens from RHBA members and have multiple frames of drone cell to saturate our yards with quality mating stock. We do not “hybridize” our Russians with other bee lines in any way. If you are buying a Russian bee from a person who is NOT a certified member, ensure you know what you are getting. Many of the key benefits people buy Russians for are lost when they are bred with another line of bees. At FRB all of our beeyards (including the breeding yard) are nearly chemical free. We strive to only treat on those rare occasions where enough enviormental factors have added up to there being a risk with mite counts. The Russian line of bees is not a mite free bee (there are no bees out there that are), but it is a highly mite resistant bee that actively fends off mites. The presence of mites in our hives are so low year round that often times we don’t find a single mite during testing (Go Russians!). For good measure with mite control; we dust with powdered sugar every so often and utilized screened bottom boards on many of our hives. The Russian line of bees has been very carefully crafted and managed over the years by the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association and the USDA, and Foley’s Russian Bees holds their efforts in the highest regard and strives to live by their example.