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Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers (DMBB)

(Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers) Is an organization of hobby beekeepers in the Des Moines area. The city of Des Moines and various suburbs allow people to maintain hives at their residence. The group is headed up by Julie Cashe with meetings held the first Thursday of the month. They operate through both a website and a strong facebook following. The DMBB’s mission is to increase awareness of honey bees and their population through passion, sustainable practices, and mentoring.


•A public that is educated about and welcoming toward honey bees and beekeepers •Beekeeping events in the community •Partnering with local, related groups •Increased local honey sales, possibly through a branded co-op •Food events •Sustainable strains of honey bees that eliminate the need for purchased, out of state honey bees and their queens

How to become a member:

To become a member and be included on club e-mails and notices, please write to Julie McGuire at jcammcguire@yahoo.com and simply let her know your interest in being included.
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