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Friendly Beekeepers of Iowa (FBI)

(Friendly Beekeepers of Iowa) The FBI is based out of Indianola, Iowa; with members included from all neighboring communities. The group is comprised of beekeepers of every experience level and involvement relating to beekeeping. They open their arms to all, from the curious (who are just planning on buying their first hive), to large-scale honey producers. Their meetings are held the 4th Thursday of every month at the Annette Nature Center just south of the city of Indianola. These meetings are from 6:30pm till whenever. One of the most refreshing aspects of the club is their refusal to formalize any event. The meetings feel like a gathering of friends rather than a stuffy office meeting. In fact, their only standing charter is that the day they have to assign minutes, elect representatives, or call items to a vote- is the day they disband the club. Some people probably wonder how the club could function without rules, guidelines, or elected representatives – but as in any group, it is the people with a passion and love for what they do that create the magic to keep things going. And in this spirit, the club thrives and its member roster flourishes with many energetic and committed beekeepers. Each winter the club offers free beekeeping classes hosted by volunteer apiarists. The classes provide the essential knowledge for anyone to get started in beekeeping. They also are a great way for new people to become familiarized with the professionals in their community who can give them help throughout the year (beekeeping, farmers markets, marketing, mead, swarm removal, local providers, beekeeping equipment, bee maladies… you name it - they have members who can help you out!)

How to become a member:

To become a member and be included on club e-mails and notices, please write to Judy Spence at jespencejr44@gmail.com and simply let her know your interest in being included. Monthly meetings held at: Annett Nature Center 15565 118th Avenue, Indianola, Iowa 50125
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